Working Late Struggles and Remedies

Working wee hours is a tall order, but, for night owls, this is business as usual.  To start with, we're not made to be active at night - the natural instinct is to rest - we tend to push our bodies into accepting new habits.

It's cold at night, you don't have to be told. As our planet spins and one side plunges into darkness every 24 hours. Plan early for working late by dressing warmly, eating hot food, house heaters, and a/c depending on where you are from the equator and/or sea level. 

Just a few minutes into your shift your stomach will start calling. If you're working 5-6 hours that night you'll need half a day's supplies. Keep your water bottle close by as always.

Mosquitos, causing malaria which must die, bugs & crawling animals are stuff to be keen with too. Once in a while, just don't freak out. For mosquitos, if you're able to do the usuals, go a step further by joining movements like Zero Malaria and Partnership to End Malaria to pull in your weight on ending malaria for generations to come.

Last but not least is sleep or lack of it. Since your natural pattern is disrupted, your body will demand rest in the morning hours or during the day. If working late was just a one-time thing you can shrug this off. If you tend to work late, try sleeping multiple times during the day, research claims you will benefit from two periods of increased activity.

That's all for today folks.


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