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Quickstart Laravel PWA Template

Today I announce that the template I use for my projects is available for free. Made using Laravel, it has a primary user interface that'll get you started building Progressive Web Applications (PWA).  PWA are websites that don't reload/need reloading. This template is a tried and tested Laravel masterpiece that would get you started with any project, and efficiently go into production in a day or two. Using this template allows one to follow best coding practices i.e. Test Driven Development (TDD) which entails writing down a failing test and then working back to passing it. Back End Tests are located in the tests folder which use PHPUnit. Front End Tests that have been implemented by Jest are located in the resources/js/tests The UI uses  Vue Router  to change pages. Out of the box, you get the following: Authentication  User - Admin sections Contact Form Blog (Create and Manage your content) Language Select Email support with mailgun Fully Extendible  How to use the template

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