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Starting A Live Stream Server from Scratch

 Intro This tutorial will set up a live stream server from scratch with Docker, Nginx, Git & Github, SSH, and Coffee. All you need is: - A Computer connected to the Internet - 1 hour - $9 dollars - Some programming knowledge (e.g how to npm install and ssh?) Initial Setup 1. Choose a provider, I prefer  where you can buy .top domain for less than $5, but you can find others.  2. Purchase hosting.  has offers such that $3.5 gets you 2 GB RAM, 20GB Storage Server in EU :) Select Ubuntu 20.04 and build a server. Note down the IP. 3. Using IP from step 2,  Update hosting. Add "A Record" with IP as value. Doing this early gives it time to propagate. Local Setup We will be using WebRTC Video/Audio Broadcast by Gabriel Tanner  👏.  4. Clone  this repository to your local machine. 5. npm install then node server 6. Visit localhost:4000/broadcast.html  to start broadcasting. On a different tab/browser visit  localhost:4000  to live stream. Host Setup Our h

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