Chief's list

Fighting climate change is no single person job, and Chief asks you to step up your game!

Start with yourself

1. Plant trees, as many as you could
2. Use less paper (Even tissue, use water) (use tablets not books)
3. Fly less
4. Buy an electric vehicle / Use electric vehicles
5. Use non-plastic products
6. Buy a water bottle
7. Observe world forest day
8. Think of how the earth can be pushed away from the sun

Ask your friends

1. To use rideshare
2. To collect litter in your neighborhood
3. To leave the forest
4. To donate clothes, and shop 2nd hand

Ask your government

1. To subsidize green technologies
2. To use electric cars
3. To ban logging
4. To abolish high pollutants
5.     To focus on solving large scale climate challenges

Add more and implement, that's not a request.


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