Wrong Word

When we talk about the changes happening to Earth, scientists have led us to believe that Global Warming is the correct word to describe our current predicament. What if we're wrong, and our naiveness will get us killed?

The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System - it's about 5 billion years old, and, as we know, has another 5 billion years left. The astronomical numbers will definitely make you feel we have time, but you'll soon learn that we may have less than a billion years left due to the manner in which our sun will die.

Earth swallowed up

This alone makes me believe we're using the wrong word just so we don't scare the masses. Without us being scared, we don't pay as much attention to our predicament - the sun is swallowing us up! The quicker we change our perspective, the higher our chances as without doubt we're heading the Venus way!

I don't know the correct term, but it is about time we either start running or moving our planet.

This is not your fault.


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