Litter Tax


As the COVID 19 virus rips through the society, there's a dull gloom at the end of the tunnel. Apparently, we're all waiting for the norm to resume so we can get back to polluting the world. It's like we won't have learned anything so Chief proposes a litter tax on all pollutants.

Here's how it'll work. Let's say you're buying a packet of Coffee sachet for Ksh 5/-. The price is marked up anywhere from 5% to 1000% (the local gov/community decides this) so you end up buying the sachet at Ksh 10/- and when you return all the pollutants (all the plastic wrapping) you are refunded back the Litter Tax, otherwise, the funds go to cleaning up the world.

will our children remember us for the waste we created?

Pay now or we'll all pay for it. You should be embarrassed by the state of affairs!

That's all folks.


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