Fake Fedha

Being my first time living in Fedha estate in Nairobi, I must say that I'm grossed by the environment which is a sharp contrast from JKIA - a stone throw away.

Visitors to Kenya may ask themselves what two countries exist in Nairobi. The estate is marred by litter everywhere you look, open chocking sewers, flooded ponds of green water and a very energetic population - starting from their representative. It's much more disgusting when you see kids playing in these pools.

Image downloaded from the Internet

**** ***** is a scam, perhaps calling him an impostor fits his title. How dare you claim to be a youth representative and yet filth flows through everything in Fedha? At the very least, why are the roads not repaired yet buildings are taller than most places? This is unacceptable old ****! Remember I haven't crossed to Pipeline yet!

I know some may argue that litter was there when he entered the office, but where should we now be throwing our litter? He's not placed strategic litter bins to curb the growth, so Fedha is a slum, despite being regarded as one of the best places to live in Eastlands. What a shame!

Until next time folks.


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