Africans are in a race to assert themselves as the dominant force by the early 22nd century. Its no joke, and I know you're asking how?

The rate at which the African population is multiplying is alarming, as other races' growth rates pulled the hand brake years ago.

B+W=B & W+B=B

According to Statistics, Africans currently is 17% of the total world population, second after Asians at 60% and the rest negligible. Since the median age in Africa is 19.4 years, and since our birth rates are over 3 children more on average, its foreseeable to see over 3 billion-plus black people on earth.

This could mean that the planet will have over 75% of humans identifying as black before the year 2100, given the relatively old age of other races. On this, add the logic that B+W=B, W+B=B, B+B=B & W+W=W - the odds shift drastically.

The narrative would change from Superior white to Museamed white - lookout, it's a blackout!


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