Africa’s Deadly Predators

Africa, seconding Asia in both size and population, the motherland and origin of humans, harbors killing machines that will send you to the “most high” in the shortest time possible. I will talk of the 6 predators you need to watch out for when living or passing by Africa.

6. Crocodiles

Yes, these animals are present in vast spaces in Africa, along the River Nile and in lakes. If you're thinking of swimming in African waters always seek advice first, before serving yourself to these beasts.

5. Hippopotamus
Drive-in Africa, don't walk

A fat, fairly ugly and herbivorous animal comes in at the fifth position. Found in sub-Saharan Africa, the animal attacks when you enter its territories. Odds are stacked against you on a one on one combat and as a result, the human death toll is very high. The hippo will leave you dead on the spot, or if you survive, you will die while helpless residents carry your “alive corpse”

4. Puff Ader

For all those who fear snakes, this is another one. Bitis arietans, as the Latin men called it, is a venomous snake found across Africa except for Sahara and the Rainforests. Most snake bite-related deaths in this continent are as a result of this creature. The snake occurs frequently in highly populated areas and is highly aggressive. It’s large in size, has a deadly venom, long fangs and a dangerous habit of basking on footpaths. Furthermore, it stays quiet when you approach it and you won’t see it coming.

3. Lion

The dominant big cat you will always want to stay away - and it seems unfair to appear third on Chief's list. Some call it King of the jungle, but I think it’s the killer in the jungle. Living in herds with many females, you won’t stand a chance when faced by them. They plan their attacks nicely, giving you less room to maneuver and use your arsenal’s, if any, against them. Being carnivorous, we won’t even expect to find your body. The animal is strong and its roar can shake you to the spine. If you think you are strong enough, join Maasai men as they go hunting for them, a rite of passage.

2. Mosquito

Little flies that feed on human blood. They cannot kill you instantly but don’t be fooled. They are the animals that kill most humans on earth, more so in Africa. Transmitting Malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, sleeping sickness among others, patients succumb to these illnesses. In Africa, they occur near water bodies. They transmit diseases as they consume you and, if you are in remote areas, you are more likely to be statistics for future beings. 

1. Human Beings
Recently in Somalia, Libya, Nigeria, S.Sudan & D.Congo

Well, there is no other animal that can compare its killing abilities with humans. Humans will kill you when you provoke them, don’t look like them, have something they want or even just for fun. Humans have the ability to utilize any tool near them to strike you down and this is why they are the deadliest animals. The males are more aggressive, bigger in size, faster and as a result many die. Humans can also kill you from range, poisoning or literary knocking you out with their machines. Politics increase chances of being rowdy, please watch out! Sudden death follows

0. Robots

Technology has predicted that in all possible scenarios, a war with robots would be our last battle. Robots don't have to kill us physically though, automation they provide provokes men & pollution kills.

As a side note, most of these predators are found in Kenya, and even inside Nairobi City. 

Lookout :)


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