Huduma Centers is a Half-Assed Job

First, we have to appreciate that the effort made to provide government services throughout the country via Huduma Centre is a massive gain from whatever was going on before that. The speed in which we’re provided government services has drastically increased boosting growth.

never mind the cop
On the flip side, it’s still not Good Enough ... remember the talk of Vision 2030? The government should set the pace and bump it up to 24hour service. That’s the dare I have for the president.

Picture a 24hour service government, with almost all services accessible throughout, as a way we could rise above the pack. Africa’s trade a thing. Everyone will want a piece of cake, why should our government be sleeping when they come looking?

Turning vision 2030 into reality is constantly becoming a myth and the extra gear is required in the coming 9 years.


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