Fat Popo

Kenyan police are really taking us for a joyride with their recruitment procedure. How comes recruitment always involves heavy running yet our officers are heavier than representatives? Ask yourself!

recruitment involves heavy running yet our officers are heavier than legislators

We may be wanting to fight crime, drugs and other pressing issues but the people we entrust with keeping law and order are majorly the less learned members of society. It's known that as soon as you’re recruited as a serviceman, you can rise ranks to the top. But how many qualified people exist in the police, ask yourself.

With your degree, would you be willing to run your lungs out and start with basic policing? To make matters worse, guys with high school scores are not considered. You’ll be asked to find a formal job. That leaves the less performing individuals to enforce law and order.

The outcome is that on one hand, several fewer intellect officers are fighting crime, and on the other, Masterminds with unlimited financing run shows? 

For instance, Cash in Transit thieves dressed as police, 'highly guarded' a delivery, 'secured' the exchange, and then left driving with Ksh 72m? Honestly?

Want to know the outcome? Kenya. And yes, we’re a sh*thole a country trying to run our affairs.


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