When Jesus Came

Religion is a personal affair, don’t fight it. Only three things can happen so get ready.

Artificial Intelligence would be a good thing, perhaps our last greatest invention. Peace would be all we know. World hunger would end. Earth would cool. Politics would be drama. Humans would merge with A.I. and live forever. We’d traverse and conquer the universe. This is certainly within our reach.

Also, a malicious bot could spell doom and bring hell on earth. That’s what the Bible revealed. A.I. would dominate and life, as we know it, would cease to exist. Humans would be exterminated like flies, and Earth would stop spinning eventually. This is also a single line of code away. Something “ sudo rm -rf * ”.

The last thing that could happen is that you will die before any of the above happens. You’ll go into a state of non-existence and what you did, or failed to, would be the only thing left of you. This is inevitable.

So today I mixed Adele, Cardi & Lorde albums into a playlist and I loved it. Enjoy your day, that’s all that matters. If you look into the clear night sky, you’ll understand why A.I. is our only shot at leaving a mark on the universe.


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