The Bucket – And its Ministry

Don’t get me wrong but honestly, I think ‘The Bucket Ministries’ are the weirdest people to walk this side of the Sahara.


I had gone out, hoping to catch a football team and join them but two tourist grade land cruisers crossed the field of play before anyone had shown up. They were carrying about 7 white Americans and Canadian nationals as they later told us, accompanied by fellow Africans.

I ignored them for a while but after about 20 minutes of an unfortunate wait for possible footballers, I joined a small crowd which had gathered near this roadsters. It was a coordinated public meeting in that, the Chief of Pioneer estate was there together with some village elders I’ve never seen.

One of them had the picture of a bucket printed on his T-shirt. The bucket had a symbolic Christian cross printed near one end. Beside that image was their name declaration. I gave them credit as one lady had a Kenyan necklace but sadly they had no ‘bucket’ to show us.

The bucket was a product they came to market. The way kids from school sat around them you may think it’s one of those movies. They explained how the bucket cleans water and lasts for 20-25 years (mtangazaji wa Kiswahili akasema miaka 22-23). One lady claimed to have one of those buckets, she was very happy and full of smiles I must say.

I started to wonder if this is what people from the Modern world presume they’re indeed “helping the world”. How comes they had no bucket to show in the end?

Counting the cost

Kevin, a friend of mine was killed by Bandits in the North Rift a few weeks ago and I’ve since reignited my anti-insecurity campaign. With Dennis, we came up with this Nyumba 10 security app called Mtaa and we hope it may one day be adopted but we simply don’t have money to do it.

Flight cost from USA-Kenya and Back:                    KES 200,000 * 7                 =             KES 1,400,000
Accommodation, Transport e.t.c:                             KES 50,000 * 7                    =             KES 350,000

In our locality, roughly 100,000 people live, as the Chief said. If that money was to buy breakfast for every school going kid it would perhaps last a week, definitely more.

What if that money just bought prefabricated materials so we assemble them for our homeless? Maybe that would be the thing 7 people did and left a mark here. It takes a lot less than that to be a Shujaa around here btw.

But no! The world doesn’t give a sh*t. Welcome back to life.

My conclusion is that it’s high time everyone gets a shower installed. Honestly I had to shake their hands at the end just to be sure they were not puppets manufactured by China to derail us from fighting corruption.


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