How I’d fight Bandits

They’re a pain in the ass. The Kenyan government has done what it could to contain these fellas, but it’s proving to be a bigger headache. Sadly, like any Kenyan, I’ve never really thought about engaging bandits until it got too late for me.

They roam the wilderness. Some guys say Russia is BIG but it’s never the case here. Backed by their traditional lifestyle of rearing livestock, they carry heavy guns. Yes, you heard me right, welcome to the realest country.

I’ve given it some thought and I think we may have a shot at it. Because few people live in Bandit zones, the government could distribute smartphones. The focus should be getting them to the men who live there rather than thirsty cartels in the city.

With smartphones, we can now track their shadows and stop chasing ghosts. We’ll always enable location tracking so we know where these phones go to – just for security purposes.
We can customize these devices and attach a mini-solar panel behind it so it doesn’t power off. I have a feeling that for an average herdsman, it would be irresistible to throw the gadget away even for a second.

I'm working on this Mtaa application. The application counts on Nyumba 10 initiative to deliver its full power. With the app, we can appoint heads who will tell us more on people they live with. Also, with the big brother functionality, we hope we can collect tips from the public and help the police out.

Lastly, I’d listen to what people say about sorting out the insecurity.

Kevin was killed by bandits during a routine maize delivery in Turkana. They stormed the road and the first shot fired ruptured his heart. They left after collecting KES 1000 and killing one person, the Late Kevin. RIP, your death never in vain.


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